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In the last 20 years, two billion people have gained access to safe drinking water . However, despite this success, 783 million people continue to live without clean drinking water (about 2.5 times the population of the United States). But despite the scale of the challenge, getting water to every person on the planet is within our grasp.

Working together with the villagers of Ngulu, the Jubilee Village Project and Water Missions is developing a long-term community Community Safe Water System to be implemented over the next three  years in the village.  The Community Safe Water Program will be overseen and managed by a 16-member Safe Water Committee (SWC), made up entirely of local villagers. The SWC is critical to the local ownership and long-term sustainability of the Community Water Program and is responsible for educating the village in safe water practices, develop and managing a fee-pay system for water usage and maintaining the entire safe water system.

The Ngulu Community Safe Water System will have a total cost of $75,000 (about $25 per villager for a lifetime of safe water).  It consists of a "hub and spoke" system with one well that services many areas of the village.  This system consists of four key components:

Deep Well (Borehole) and Pump
By using an existing well in the village, over $30,000 will be saved in providing safe water services to the village of Ngulu.

The Living Water™ Treatment System (LWTS™)
The Living Water™ Treatment System is essentially a miniature water treatment plant.  This system relies on filtration and chemical disinfection for production of safe drinking water.  Filtration physically removes particulate and bacteriological contaminants, while chemical disinfection neutralizes any remaining pathogens and ensures the treated water is safe to drink.  This method is very effective and will provide a community with safe drinking water for many years.  This system has been specifically designed to be used in a difficult environment and is ruggedly built, simple to operate, and easily maintained.

Storage Tank and Pipe System
At the heart of the community safe water system is a “hub and spoke” water distribution system with two large storage tank (10,000 liters each) serving as the hub and a series of 2,000-5,000 feet pipe runs serving as spokes to bring access to multiple locations.  This will require the villagers to dig more than 5 miles of trenches by hand to lay and bury the pipe runs throughout the village. However, this pipe system will distribute water throughout the village and greatly reduce the walking distance of families to collect water.

Water Tap Stands

At the end of each pipe run there will be a water tap stand with multiple water taps.  Because the community water system has both an electric pump and
uses gravity to move the water, these water taps will be “on demand” and not require a hand pump to be at each stand.  There will be 7-10 water tap stands located throughout the rural village area which will allow no house to be more than 500 meters from a water tap stand.